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  • Member's Work Day - May 2nd and 3rd. Meet at Bob Morgan's place (1576 Sultan Circle) for coffee and doughnuts at 8:30AM. We will be cleaning and painting the masonry walls at both entrances and picking up trash around the neighborhood.
  • Saturday is clean and prep he walls.
  • Sunday is painting the walls.
  • If you have a pressure washer contact Lisa Surmacz, all other tools will be provided.
  • Click here for more details (May 2nd and 3rd Work Day flyer)


  • PROJECT 1 -- Road Maintenance and Repaving
    The Road Committee has finished their report and obtained bids for the project and provided recommendations and costs to the HOA membership.

    The HOA voted on March 18th to proceed with repaving all of the remaining roads at the same time but without the concrete curbing. Details of the work scope will be provided shortly.

    PROJECT 2 -- Repair fence stone pillars, paint entrance walls
    Several of the stone pillars or columns that separate the wood fence sections are damaged. The stones have fallen out and, in most cases, are laying next to the columns. These need to be cemented back in place. Additionally, the stucco wall sections need to be repainted.


  • PROJECT 3 -- Drainage
    We need to verify main drainage easements are maintained. This includes checking the condition of Silcox Branch Creek and determining the identity of responsible party for its maintenance. Heavy rains may cause flooding if the drainage easements in both Pickett Downs and the Silcox Branch are not maintained at the proper grades. Maintenance includes keeping growth (trees, etc.) in the easements to a minimum and periodically dredging the easements.