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The Annual dues of $600.00 are due by March 31st of each year. Notices are sent out in February. The dues are considered delinquent after April 1st and subject to a $50 late fee. Please read the Bylaws regarding the annual assessment and about late penalties.

As of the 2008 calendar year, the dues have increased by $350 per lot to $750. The increase was approved/voted by the HOA membership and goes entirely to the Road Fund (to repave the roads). In 2010 the road repairs were completed and dues were reduced to $600 per lot.

The dues go towards - Description of Budget Items

  • Landscaping contract
  • Common area maintenance and repair - signs, pavement, etc.
  • Street Lighting
  • Insurance - General liability
  • Administrative costs (mailings, legal, etc.)
  • Lake Pickett - maintenance/insurance
  • Reserve fund for the Irrigation System and Fencing
  • Future Road Resurfacing fund
  • Please pay your dues promptly. Send payments to:

    Pickett Down Homeowners' Association, P.O. Box 622551 Oviedo, FL 32762-2551

    and please include your lot number on the check.

     Please note: A late fee of $50 will now be charged if dues are not received by April 1st.  A property lien will be filed if dues are not paid by July 1st .

    Partial Payments will not be accepted - Payment must be in full by the due date.