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The Chuluota Post Office has closed. Our new mailing address is: P.O. Box 622551 Oviedo FL 32762-2551

Results of the 2014 Annual Meeting: The 2014 Annual Meeting was held on March 11th .

The main item discussed at the meeting was the clarification of building requirements related to garages, sheds, and similar storage structures. A vote was taken and approved to add language to the By-Laws to prohibit these structures from having a front-facing door (opening). The exact language approved is:


All garages, storage buildings, barns (open or enclosed), car ports, sheds, and/or any other structure erected on any lot shall be positioned so that the largest entrance/opening to the structure is facing away from the roadway. If a lot is a corner lot, the “roadway” shall be considered that road that is used for the property address.  Structures with one or more open sides such as car ports, pole barns, and “lean-to” structures shall not be permitted if such structure is viewable from the roadway, unless the structure has at least one wall and that wall is facing the roadway to block the view of the contents of the structure. No building or structure shall be placed in front of the house. The setback distance of all structures from the roadway shall equal or exceed the setback distance of the house from the roadway at a minimum, and be in accordance with the Deed Restrictions unless otherwise stated.

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) may grant a waiver in the event that the layout of the lot is not conducive to positioning the structure with the largest entrance/opening facing away from the roadway.

All structures must meet the architectural standards of the community and approvals and/or waivers are granted at the discretion of the ACC. Building materials (siding finishes, roofing, paint and trim) used on such structures shall generally match the materials used on the lot’s house.


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  • BOATS and RVs -- There have been several complaints about Boats and RVs parked in the neighborhood in violation of the Covenants & Restrictions (see Section 9 of the Covenants & Restrictions). It is the responsibility of the lot owners to keep their Boats and/or RVs out of view of others, therefore the Board will send out notices and begin documenting violators. Please be aware of the requirements for Boat and RV storage. The Architectural Committee had a (public) meeting on March 23th to determine what is acceptable and what is a violation. As of April 20th 2005, the Architectural Contol Committee has completed their review the issue and determined that eight lots are in violation. Letters have been mailed to violators.
  • The contract for Landscaping and Irrigation System Maintenance services has not been renewed (2009). The current landscaping contractor (Dependable Lawn Maintenance) will continue to provide services on a pay-as-you-go basis. Some services such as fertilization, mulching, and irrigation system maintenance will be done by HOA volunteers as needed. This is necessary to offset dues not collected (lots in foreclosure or with liens).